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What is Pokeau?

Pokeau is simply an abbreviation of Pokemon AU that I’ve gone to consistently call this by! This ‘thing’ in question is my current ongoing headworld story and paracosm, and a derivative of the game-verse Pokemon universe – where I decided it was my city and set canon on fire (except for the parts I liked). I shoved my OCs in there and now it’s kind of a mess but I love it anyways – going 9 years strong!

Pokeau is contained mostly within my own head, but this website serves as both a hub and archive for others who’d like to know more about it!

If you’d like a longer introduction, you can read one here.

I archive art I’ve received here. If you’ve drawn me something and see a post and would either like your credit link changed or the post made private, let me know by commenting on the submission!

  • Funny fox Friday but it’s -30f

    Hi howdy!

    It’s been a bit slower than I’ve wanted, honestly, but I’ve done some things! Due to the weird weather here it’s in turn made me feel pretty fatigued and lethargic, in combo with me working hard on a mod for the Sims 4 (Pokepets: coming soon!).

    Still, there’s some notable changes – not just migrated bios!

    – Addition

    – Edit

    Migrated and updated characters through names starteding with B.

    Added a sidebar with links + the global link, to make it more prominent.

    Edited what character galleries look like!

    Prettied up the characters page & added an arc and sidestory nav – still very much a WIP as it only contains the sidestories.

    Edited the Ultra Station location page to match the new format + update info.


    – First priority

    – Next priority

    – Idea

    Finish migrating bios!

    Add in a personal blog for less site-related updates.

    Add custom descriptions for certain tags (i.e. theatre)

    Finish and add more onto the world page so it actually is functional.

    Make the less mobile-compatible bits (i.e. trainer team sections and deco) more mobile compatible.

    Update height chart to include new characters.

    …I need to add more silly gimmicky things…

    Until next time!