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What is Pokeau?

Pokeau is simply an abbreviation of Pokemon AU that I’ve gone to consistently call this by! This ‘thing’ in question is my current ongoing headworld story and paracosm, and a derivative of the game-verse Pokemon universe – where I decided it was my city and set canon on fire (except for the parts I liked). I shoved my OCs in there and now it’s kind of a mess but I love it anyways – going 9 years strong!

Pokeau is contained mostly within my own head, but this website serves as both a hub and archive for others who’d like to know more about it!

If you’d like a longer introduction, you can read one here.

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Current cast member count: 113!

This month’s featured character is Aya!

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  • 1am Fox Friday

    Hi howdy!

    I was kind of debating on whether to make a newspost this Friday, then it dawned on me that I completely forgot I did the world page update… oops.

    But hey! I also made some more CSS changes! So that’s enough new stuff to justify a FFF.
    I’ve been doing a lot of work migrating character bios from TH, but that’s too boring I think.

    Once migrations were done, I had some fun ideas for a gimmicky artfight section – let’s hope I can space things to get that done time-wise.

    – Addition

    – Edit

    Migrated characters up to Orchid. There’s like, 20 left now!! Soon!! …Sorry if anyone is following the RSS feed.

    Adjusted some CSS more – it definitely screws over small resolutions and probably phones too, I’ll fix that when I can remember to. Also, gallery pages need a fix to fit the new header sizing so they’re not off-center.

    Made the world page less barebones, including some background info! The map blurbs are also there now, but region hub page links still lead to a 404 as I haven’t gotten to them yet.


    – First priority

    – Next priority

    – Idea

    Finish migrating bios!

    Update the long introduction because good god, it’s old.

    Add subtag descriptions for theatre and writing subtags, as well as make them look a bit nicer.

    Artfight hub page + subpages.

    Update height chart to include new characters.

    …I need to add more silly gimmicky things…

    Until next time!