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What is Pokeau?

Pokeau is simply an abbreviation of Pokemon AU that I’ve gone to consistently call this project by! This project in question is my current ongoing headworld story, and a derivative of the game-verse Pokemon universe – where I decided it was my city and set canon on fire (except for the parts I liked). I shoved my OCs in there and now it’s kind of a mess but I love it anyways – going 8 years strong!

Pokeau is contained mostly within my own head, but this website serves as both a hub and archive for others who’d like to know more about it!

If you’d like a longer introduction, you can read one here.

I archive art I’ve received here. If you’ve drawn me something and see a post and would either like your credit link changed or the post made private, let me know by commenting on the submission!

  • An ode to 8 years
    Artist: https://toyhou.se/Nishkii

    It’s not Friday, but I suppose it can be in the FFF tag anyways. Because it wouldn’t really make sense to post any other day…

    Happy 8th birthday Pokeau!

    November 21st marks the 8th anniversary of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – a date that I’ve gone to also adapt as Pokeau’s birthday.
    A player character named Renee and a delta episode with a rayquaza named Emmy was all it took, huh?

    I try to do these retrospects every year, but this is the first one on the actual website! Plus I don’t think I actually wrote a good one last year and instead wrote a bittersweet oneshot instead because I was sad. And to be fair, I’m going through the seasonal woes again right as we speak, but I felt I wanted to write up something a bit more significant.

    (As a fair warning, this is pretty cheesy. Consider this a semi emotional love letter to the thing I’ve spent the past 8 years on.)

    In only a year, I feel like so much has grown – both in terms of story and in terms of my own personal growth as an artist.

    December 15th 2021
    October 4th 2022

    Hi Souadou!

    I feel like for the first time in a very long time, I’m satisfied with my drawn art. Even in as much of a slump I’m currently in takes a hit to how I view myself creatively, I can’t deny that I’ve grown so much! I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been experimenting more so I can keep learning.

    I feel like it’s a bit harder to notice yearly changes in my writing style, but compared to writing from what, 3-4 years ago? It’s kind of wild. In terms of writing milestones though, the second novelization project of Pokeau, Moon, reached 50,000 words in October! Which is wild to think I was able to stick with it that long – and it’s not even done yet.
    Additionally, my total logged wordcount on Toyhouse (which includes character story sections and some unpublished wips) broke 300k along with the Moon chapter that reached 50k. In terms of other writing and story related milestones, though…

    The Ultra Space Arc

    All it took was a really cool sharkorca adopt I saw someone I follow retweet, oops.
    Well, kind of. I had no real plans for Mariska aside from maybe being a one-off to revive Pandora’s story a bit, and a fun little treat as to deviate from my usual non-fantasy humanoid design norm.

    And then it was rabbit time!

    I really, really want to thank Swissy (who I hope does not mind the mention here) for bringing Hazel into the picture. The story from that point forwards felt like it came naturally, as the story extended with more new faces. Somehow, in a matter of a few months due to Scarlet/Violet news drought boredom, an entire sidestory came to life that I was able to keep invested in – and at times, became a bit more invested in than some plots in the main universe. Oops.

    The characters and their relationships have gained such a meaning to me in such a short time, it’s kind of amazing. It took years for certain parts of main universe Pokeau to get to this point. I’m excited to see what I can figure out with it going forwards with these funny space people and their alternate universe.

    The End

    While endgame Pokeau had been a concept for a while, it was only this year that I actually got around to writing out the events in timeline form – as well as formally establish the ‘postgame’, a looser timeline after the event horizon battle with Ramiel.

    It’s always been bittersweet. Pokeau started as a funny jokey thing with a bunch of character who were friends and family doing stupid things. But it’s been 8 years, and the story has taken a more structured turn – and like structured stories do, they end. But… not really.

    Because the resolution doesn’t have to be the end. Life goes on after the final battle, even if we don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

    The Next Adventure

    Just a few days ago, Scarlet and Violet came out. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but I’m already swirling around some ideas regarding Spinch and Ruby – two postgame characters, the children of choice main cast members. Despite the game’s performance-based flaws, I’ve been enjoying running around Paldea imagining what Ruby and Spinch are up to in various scenarios.

    Hopefully, with some time, certain Paldea characters will be able to call Pokeau home too.

    Throughout all my self doubts creatively, Pokeau remains. It’s changed so, so much since its inception but I couldn’t really be happier with where it’s at right now. It’s a world of my creation that exists for me, nothing more, nothing less. Even if I struggle to keep public-facing info updated in the face of my health, it will always be there for my in my head. It’s something I can keep coming back to, and even if I take breaks, it will be waiting for me right where I left it.

    So, here’s to another year of growth and improvement, as cheesy as it sounds!

    Some special thanks to some especially relevant characters over the past year:
    Basil, Haru, Kaguya, Kibi, Ridley, Apollo, Sasha, Felicity, Mishka, Vanya, Dmitri, Zhenya, Souadou, Tiphanie, Spinch, Ruby, Yuri, Charlie, Daji… and, uh, the entire Ultra Space Arc crew. But especially Hazel and Mariska.

    And of course, to Emmy, Renee, and Zinnia.

    Happy birthday!