📚Distortion holic

Chantal is tasked with putting together a Halloween party while the mayor is sick, and receives help from an unexpected person.

For Coelune October prompt; Costume party

Characters: Abzu, Chantal, Mildred

Warnings: Spooky vibes, characters are under the false impression they are being stalked by a monster, and Abzu has a flashback triggered, causing them to freeze up.

Wordcount: 3,022

Vibe: ouhhhh spooky


yahoo this isnt rlly revised but its too late to do that anyways

i dont really have a funny author’s note for this one, its the halloween special! despite it not being 2am im very sleepy

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📚Bug’s princess

Athena is greeted by an unwelcome visitor.

For Dainty September prompt: Fashion

Characters: Athena, Gucci, Pandora

Warnings: Mentions of past assassination

Wordcount: 3,468

Vibe: fashion but make it high stakes


hi i literally just woke up and was hit by the colress pokemas reveal like a bus. so excuse me if this authors note is more incomprehensible than normal

yes the title is a moro arrange again

uhhhh yea. pheromosa empire is very obsessed with fashion and beauty so was a good first prompt lol

on that note to dainty mods if u are here: hi

athena is in a world that’s a hybrid of ultra space from the pkmn series and an original setting. its a mess. i like to use species prompts to further the story in snippets so if this is a bit story heavy sorry lol

ok have fun ill upload a bio for coco later maybe

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📚History of the moon

Arael finds some cookies in a mysterious house.

For Coelune September prompt; Baking

Characters: Arael

Warnings: N/A

Wordcount: 1,413

Vibe: uh oh environmental storytelling


hi reddit im still at it. i wrote like 50% of this in a haze that i can’t remember dont worry about it

after all it’s not like there could be environmental storytelling about your parent in a random house you wormholed to…. right????

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Rosetta decides to check in on a close friend.

For Coelune August prompt; Vacation (at least i think thats what the prompt was?)

Characters: Rosetta & Dina, Abzu/Tiamat

Warnings: Brief not so vague allusion to drugs (specifically drug manufacturing)

Wordcount: 3,555

Vibe: GIRLS NIGHT (it is actually the middle of hte afternoon)


i couldnt figure out a touhou theme to use for the title so i picked a moro song instead. sorry. its close enough right (be happy i didnt name this after other certain songs)


this took me too long to finish bc of fatigue + general health issues so it may come off as hasty at points but here in my house everything is a little bit scuffed

-holds dina and rosetta- i care them

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📚Youkai back shrine road

Vanya, Mishka, and Dmitri go on a road trip

Characters: Vanya, Mishka, Dmitri, Sasha, The Czar of the Mountain

Warnings: Mishka and his father get into a fight, and blood is drawn.

Wordcount: 2,838

Vibe: im gonna be real i can’t think of a vibe for this one



anyways take this bc when im not rotating the ultra space gang im rotating these three

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📚Jelly stone

Abzu pulls off the stunt of the century, but is hungry for more – no matter what it takes.

For Coelune July prompt; Coelunes at work

Characters: Abzu/Tiamat, Dina

Warnings: Abzu’s behavior is risky and unhealthy – there is also a near-death experience and aftermath near the and, albeit vague.

Wordcount: 2,749

Vibe: uh oh


that shit hurted –me writing this

anyways hi sorry im only writing about these guys anymore i am just thinking about them a lot </3 anyways here’s abzu instead of hazel and mariska for a change (which means i don’t have to put a profanity warning LOL)

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📚The centennial festival for lunar rabbits; A magical mermaid melody

A 2 part carnival catastrophe. Was originally going to be 3 parts until artfight prep crept up on me orz

For Coelune June prompt; Carwheel carnival

Characters: Chantal/Laura

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 2,166

Vibe: uh. its weird thats all i got


this is straight up not revised sorry lol

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📚The centennial festival for lunar rabbits; Arcade anarchy

A 2 part carnival catastrophe. Was originally going to be 3 parts until artfight prep crept up on me orz

For Coelune June prompt; Carwheel carnival

Characters: Hazel, Mariska

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,531

Vibe: causing problems at an arcade then getting thrown out by security


this was like vaguely revised kindof not really. you know how it is with me <:3

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📚The sea where one’s home planet reflects

Ramiel is invited on a special mission.

For Coelune May prompt; deep sea exploration

Characters: Ramiel, Hazel, Mariska

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 3,402

Vibe: ooooooo deep sea exploration ft too much banter


hi gamers im adding a bit more than my usual weird authors notes because this is for a cs prompt submission and ive never done that before and im Nervus

this is vaguely more revised than normal but knowing me thats not. saying much. anyways

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📚Mysterious purification rod

Spinch and Yuri go fishing.

Characters: Spinch, Yuri, Lune, Daji

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,850

Vibe: sneaking out into the woods with your bestie only to be caught


hi idk where i was going w this i just wanted 2 do smthng for the prompt. 

i havent slept so theres probably more typos than usual in this but wateva..

yes lune swears in front of children #girlboss

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📚Lunatic dreamer

Dmitri gets a late night visitor at the library, but it isn’t Vanya.

Characters: Dmitri, Mishka, Vanya

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,178

Vibe: imagine dealing with a kpop stan in real life


hi im super manic and running on. no hours of sleep! so if this is less comprehensible than normal. uh. sorry.

takes place 2029, after lune’s retirement was announced. mishka is an annoying lune stan.

for week1 of the writing prompt thread. prompt was ‘write about a time when your character felt embarrassed!’

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📚And then there were none

Tiphanie realizes the rabbithole goes deeper than she wished.

Forum game prompt: “What are you hiding from me?”

Characters: Tiphanie, Souadou, Aya, Aurelien has like 1 line

Warnings: Mentions of a vague mob-related deal gone wrong, and death and violence that followed. Also mentions of drugs and vague mentions of drug dealing.

Wordcount: 1,148

Vibe: Tense ‘uh oh’ vibe


yaye forum game prompt thing

this is a rough scene thats been in my head thought i’d try writing it out (at 2am any%)

tldr tiphanie witnesses Aya murder some drug makers in a cabin and gets upset about it. souadou is very good at google.

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📚Luna dial

It’s finally over… right?
Returning home is difficult, and Ridley is upset.

Characters: Ridley, Aster, Pearl

Warnings: Pokemon Legends Arceus intro-level spoilers, mental breakdowns

Wordcount: 1,222

Vibe: Ridley has a mental breakdown and does something stupid


i havent actually seen the footage for the intro ive only had it described but like. call me pokemon move future sight

anyways addtl context: like, directly post endgame. ridley gets jealous and their feelings overtake them, but with no way to properly expel the feelings they get overwhelming

idk thought id write an intro to the legends arc that i wont write for another 6 months probably. aka ridley has to defeat their inner demons in a fractured reality past while arceus eats popcorn bc they got their emotions back

its not 3am but im still not revising this


The ending is retconned because at the time I hadn’t actually seen the intro. In-universe Laventon finds Ridley, not Adaman.

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📚Cinderella cage

Tensions are running high. OC-tober day 13/14 mixed prompt: burn/cage (which i am late for lol)

Characters: Zinnia/Aster, Cynthia/Orchid

Warnings: aster literally kills someone

Wordcount: 2,064

Vibe: Dramatic:tm:

Original AN:

idk what this is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im a bit rusty orz

i took the prompts too literally sorry

tldr aster kills a man everyone freaks out mother daughter bonding

takes place literally the night before joe stone is arrested (so like… 2010)

unrevised bc who cares

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📚Desire drive

i have no excuse for this also idk why i called it that i just listened to desire drive while writing this

Colress comes home from a frustrating day of work to a surprise.

Characters: Colress/Lune/N

Warnings: One(1) mild suggestive innuendo

Wordcount: 1,369

Vibe: Fluffy nonsense

Original AN:

im sorry this is extreme cheese

once again. 4am. no spellcheck. no revisions. i simply do not care at this point take what you get i wrote this cuz i was pissed off and bitter so this is entirely just. sap

edit: oh my god i read this in the morning and this is DEFINITELY the cheesiest thing ive ever written. i’ve really outdone myself this time

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📚Haunting my heart

There’s a familiar presence in the Sinnoh League, even after it’s gone.

Characters: Cynthia, Orchid is implied to be there but doesn’t speak

Warnings: Grief, mentions of badly coping, and overall themes of death.

Wordcount: 1,236

Vibe: Angsty / bittersweet

Original AN:

i have no idea where i was goin with this. saw the vague prompt of ‘character a finds out their house is haunted’ and went with it. mostly angsty/bittersweet at the end

this is mostly cynthia-centric with orchid not even being named until the end but watever . her ghost is there the entire time just chillin so it counts

once again. its 3am. havent revised. goodnight

also if this is cheesy near the end sorry idk how to write conclusions <3

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Renee stays late at work, and gets a visitor.

Characters: Renee, Zinnia, Pearl, Steven

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,553

Vibe: Stressed/comfort

Original AN:

theres probably like 6000000000000000000 spelling and grammar errors but i do not. i do not care.

idea i got at work, i wrote like half of it one mnight and then the other half a few days later. idk where i was really going other than ‘zinnia is there’

i wanna say pearl is maybe 4-5 here

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📚First date

Angie realizes she has no idea what she’s doing. From the prompt forum game – “You’re blushing! You totally are!”

Characters: Angie/SoniaSonia/Nessa (implied)

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 651


Original AN:

takes place in timeline A (oh god we’re really doing this with the timelines now arent we)

you know the drill! unrevised and done in one go :}

this is the cheesiest gotdamn thing known to man and i know i say that a lot but im not kidding this time. idk how i feel about this i feel like its too cheesy but whatevs

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Kibi and Ridley attend a special performance

Characters: Kibi/Ridley, Lune

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,341

Vibe: Optimistic

Original AN:

auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu its 2am and i have work tomorrow oh no

anyways ya. happy early new years fic this is a scene i’ve had in my head for a while

song referenced is this . does this make this a songfic oh god oh fuck

unrevised as always sssssssss ok goodnight

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📚pokeau branded holiday special

Aster gets an invite.

Characters: Zinnia/Aster, Emmy

Warnings: None

Wordcount: 1,154

Vibe: Lighthearted holiday special

Original AN:

takes place when aster and zinnia are like. umm i wanna say 15?

theres a timeskip at tha end. pearl is maybe like 5 there

for lore related purposes: i imagine there’s a universal generic winter gifting holiday inspired by delibird

ya i just got off work and thought about this while stocking shelves so its kinda short but its the thought that counts <3

also unrevised bc im tired and cant be bothered as usual

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