Please be aware…

Pokeau is not family friendly. Contents of the world and stories do contain mature themes – most commonly swearing, but violence, death, criminal activity, and more are present.
Characters and stories are all trigger-tagged accordingly, but swearing is not. Please remember your comfort level and proceed with an open mind.

Pokeau stands for pokemon au, or as it was originally called, ‘my super embarrassing pokemon au’ back in like, 2015. It originated in 2014 from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, because I kind of projected too hard on a certain lorekeeper and made a certain Rayquaza gijinka and it all got out of hand from there.

Originally super active on my tumblr blog in 2016-early 2017 in the form of rambles, Pokeau has evolved a bunch to where it is now and while is still primarily hosted on Toyhouse, is in the process of migrating to this website.

Pokeau’s setting is that of the mainseries gameverse games – with changes, of course. Meaning, Pokeau doesn’t deal with manga/anime/spinoff game locations or lore (except for slices of PMD). The current year in the Pokeau timeline is 2035, but this doesn’t remain consistent throughout all character portrayals.

Like the mainseries game, Pokeau is generally a modern/urban fantasy setting, and it’s genre is… a mess. Let’s just say it’s somewhere in between slice of life, drama, and magical girl.

I’m always open to questions about Pokeau (aka . please), so if you’re confused you’re always free to comment!

Also if you don’t know anything about pokemon: things aren’t going to make much sense but feel free to look anyways.

Pokeau is a closed development project for my own personal happiness, so I don’t really RP with the characters or do any non-solo worldbuilding, sorry ^^“

For clarity’s sake on the world’s lore, the most important sections are the timeline and legends pages, as they affect everything here. Everything is accessible through the directory page, individual character bios can be found through the cast page.

Notable changes from canon


  • Obligatory This Game Is Dark! warning. In its origins Pokeau was (and still is, to an extent) a way to cope with things, so themes not present in pokemon are in Pokeau. Namely death, violence, grief, and intensified criminal activity.
  • also double disclaimer while pokeau might contain these i promise i try not to overdo it – (almost) everyone ends up happy in the end dw
  • Pokemon mostly stay true to how they are in canon, though there are albino and melanistic pokemon in addition to shinies – but that’s it.


  • Canalave library is dead to me and thrown entirely out of the window because humans came from Ultra Space here
  • Actually I’m gonna be real I just threw a bunch of random pokedex entries that imply certain lore about certain pokemon completely out. like. sorry solrock but ur not from space
  • Certain timeline events, notably the burning of the tin tower, take place at different times
  • if something happened in canon and its never mentioned or at a wrong time theres a 99% chance its bc i forgot
  • Literally everything about Ultra Space is different because I made it before USUM were even revealed so uhh sorry if you like ultra space i butchered it
  • Gigantamax and dynamax have been retconned and worked into the system of mega evolution


  • Sinnoh and Hoenn are not directly referenced off of Japan
  • Any canon gameverse maps have been thrown out the window also
  • Spin-off locations do not exist, rest in peace orre
  • Towns and routes are much larger/longer
  • Regional pokedexes aren’t fully true to the games


  • Many character ages are altered/fluid – many of the protags are around 15 instead of 10, and certain characters age significantly over the course of the timeline (the biggest example being Cynthia who goes from like 18-70’s)
  • The main protags (i.e. Hilbert, Hilda, May, Dawn, etc.) do not exist and instead are replaced by their region’s corresponding protag, save for certain cases. Pokeau was and still is a retelling of the region’s plot, and the protags replace that role.

The madlad themselves
The madlad themselves

I’m Zin! I’ve been a pokemon fan ever since Heartgold and Soulsilver. I’ve always enjoyed making stories about and in the pokemon world!
Aside from pokemon, I’m a very big fan of Touhou and harsh electronic music!
My favorite pokemon is Rayquaza!

I’m a jack of all trades type who seems to infest whatever I can get my hands on with my funny pokemon people.