Ultra Space

Ultra Space is a dimension incomprehensible to the standard rules of earth’s function, and lies beyond the universe of the Pokemon World itself. Originally crafted and watched over by an omnipresent being known as The Skymother, a cataclysm known only as ‘The Darkest Day’ resulted in her using all her power to protect the place she created and loved – leading to her to extended absence.

Ultra Space is not a set of planets, but rather, a plane that runs infinitely in all directions, filled with a wide variety of biomes as it extends outwards. Marked by the iconic Megalo Tower, the very center of Ultra Space and it’s surrounding biomes are a hotbed of activity, trade, and alien political drama.


Pokeau’s iteration of Ultra Space, and the Ultra Arc, began development during the long press drought before Scarlet and Violet were released. I was finding it hard to continue with new ideas, and was starting to gather some bitter feelings after negative interactions with fandom.

So, Ultra Arc was an escape from that. A place with no rules, where I could do whatever I wanted with worldbuilding – because it’s not like TPC cares about Ultra Space, anyways. While it originally had more of a resemblance to Pokemon, it’s since grown into something so much more. It’s a bit of a hybrid between original and fanwork, and it brings me joy when I become lost with classic pokeau.

I understand some people may not enjoy this, and would wish I would’ve stuck to something more ‘traditional’ – however, this story is for myself and myself alone. It makes me happy, and it in itself is enough.

The bestiary

Being that it’s completely detached from the Pokemon World, Ultra Space has an odd and varied collection of inhabitants, known to outsiders as ‘Ultra beasts’. These beings come in all shapes and sizes – some have fully functioning and developed societies and cities, while others are feared as alien terrors.

For more in depth info of the inhabitants of Ultra Space, you can see the bestiary here!

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Ultra Megalopolis

The largest city, situated in the very center of Ultra Space. It's a melting pot of all sorts of cultures from all around, as people bounce to and from it for new chances like the light its buildings reflect.
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