It’s funny fox friday! The first weekly update

Hi howdy!

Figured I’d maybe try giving this a shot again – ‘this’ being regular update logs. You know, like those cool fansites that actually have it together! And what better way to do so than to do it on funny fox friday! My personal favorite day.

…This is actually just a glorified weekly changelog, but I like being dramatic.

There’s been a lot of changes since the last pre-artfight changelog, so I’ll try and summarize as best I can!

– Addition

– Edit

Added a handful of minor + ultra arc characters.

Added an interactive height chart! Characters will be added as their art and pages are finished.

Added pages for both the Ultra Waterfall and the town of Waterfall.

Location pages (currently only Ultra Space locations since they’re… the only ones) now have custom backgrounds.

Switched the character icon style! Still working on this as I need to draw character art : p

Minor changes to character biography layout (designer line is now included for characters I did not design)


– First priority

– Next priority

– Idea

Finish updating character icons, and put up more new characters.

Fill in placeholder images.

Finish TLDR timeline, maybe work on postgame and Ultra Space timeline.

Work on more location pages, possibly make a township page for Station and Megalopolis.

Make the directory look… better.

Add the updated favorite character picker.

Character/location themed colors? Like I have on TH.

Until next time!