-walks in 2 weeks late with a pepsi- funny fox friday??

Hi howdy!

So, uh… how’s it going?
My health has been in the dumps for the last two weeks but I’m trying my best to bounce back now! Because of this I hadn’t been able to work on any site updates, so I had no reason to post a FFF update.

It’s still going pretty slow, but I was able to make some small changes here and there ^^

But before those…

Remember that popularity poll that ran during Artfight?
Here’s the results;

Congrats Basil!

I think she’s won like 3 out of 4 of the years lol. But this time she actually gets something! Which is that chibi. I’m a bit too low energy for anything else atm : P

That aside, here’s the updates and plans!

– Addition

– Edit

Added Rosetta and Dina (my beloved)

Added an interactive map! It’s, uh… a work in progress. I just got it working and called it a day, I’ll make it pretty later.

Modified the code for location pages a little bit to make the backgrounds look nicer


– First priority

– Next priority

– Idea

Put up more new characters.

Fill in placeholder images.

Make the map… presentable.

Work on more location pages, possibly make a township page for Station and Megalopolis.

Make the directory look… better.

Timeline pages.

Update random picker and height chart to include new characters.

Add the updated favorite character picker.

Character/location themed colors? Like I have on TH.

Until next time!

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