Another slow funny fox Friday…

Hi howdy!


I had really meant to keep up with posting the FFF updates, but alas, the severe heat here means a severe flareup for me. I haven’t been able to do much in the past 2 weeks thanks to that, but there are some changes!

These are most notably backend changes, like addition of new tags and some reskinning.

– Addition

– Edit

Added Tiamat and Justice’s pages

Added new tags! The first is Zin’s collection, to indicate works made by myself. The second is a set of ship name tags so pairing artwork isn’t just floating around. These tags are linked on the Neverending romance page!

The directory has been slightly recoded to look a bit less like a bunch of links thrown together. There’s still some things to iron out with it that I’ll get to later.


– First priority

– Next priority

– Idea

Put up more new characters.

Fill in placeholder images.

Timeline pages.

Work on more location pages, possibly make a township page for Station and Megalopolis.

Make the map… presentable.

Update random picker and height chart to include new characters.

Add the updated favorite character picker.

Character/location themed colors? Like I have on TH.

Until next time!