The return of Funny Fox Friday

Hi howdy!

Been a while! I fell off due to my health again, but over the past… 2? 3? weeks I’ve been able to shuffle some things around a tad!

Nothing too major though, and the todo list is still mostly the same, haha. Maybe I’ll get enough done so I can actually make these weekly like I intended?

– Addition

– Edit

Added the silly title stingers! There’s currently 4 randomly chosen phrases, but I’ll add more as I can think of them.

Added a bunch of custom CSS changes to various pages and widgets. I’ll continue these until I finally like how things look, lol.

Backend stuff, I flipped a switch with the hosting and the whole site seems a lot faster now? At least for me.


– First priority

– Next priority

– Idea

Put up more new characters.

Fill in placeholder images.

Timeline pages.

Work on more location pages, possibly make a township page for Station and Megalopolis.

Add silly randomly-chosen pagedolls because I enjoy novelty stuff like that.

Update random picker and height chart to include new characters.

Add the updated favorite character picker.

Character/location themed colors? Like I have on TH.

Until next time!